LIGHT Training Activities Have Begun!

Online training on anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism has just started! Our partner, Consejo General del Notariado (the Spanish Council of Notaries) got in touch with a first group of registered professionals and sent the access credentials to each one. Eight sessions compose this training, and after each session there is a test made up by five multiple-choice questions.

These eight sessions consist in different videos, recorded by AML/CFT expert Ms. Silvina Capello, from the International Union of Notaries, with support from her fellow colleague Mr. Monreal Hurtado. In these lessons, they address the basic features of the AML/CFT framework, starting with international bodies (United Nations etc.) and mutual evaluation up to the supervision of legal professions, reviewing basic legal concepts and then addressing the supervisory cycle.

Project training activities are meant to be rather practical and to benefit from the experience of participants. Therefore, they are addressed to practising legal professionals only – lawyers and notaries. The project aims at reaching more than 200 professionals across Europe, mainly from Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria and Spain. It is crucial to successfully complete the online training before joining the transnational seminars that will follow, since it aims at providing key concepts on AML/CFT and aligning the knowledge of trainees on the matter.

Online training will be available until May 2022 and partners will select participants on a monthly basis. Follow this link to learn more and to apply.