The project aims at increasing the competency of legal professions in AML/CFT. At the end of the project,
selected notaries and lawyers will have enhanced their functional competency in AML topics. Since this
competency will be achieved through four main competence profiles, training activities aim to let

  1. Acquire experimental insight and knowledge in EU Law on AML/CFT;
  2. Improve their capacity in ML/FT risk assessment;
  3. Perform AML/CFT reporting obligations;
  4. Analyse business relationships without intermediates as required by the Commission (SWD 2019/650) and by the training and need assessment carried out between January and April 2020.

Project activities:

  1. A preparatory phase, including an assessment of the national implementation of EU law in AML/CFT;
  2. Implementation of the training activities;
  3. Complementary activities to promote compliance with AML/CFT law in day-to-day practice, including a collection of good practices, an action plan and a European conference;
  4. Communication and dissemination activities.


The competency framework is expected to have an impact in terms of:

  1. 20% increase in the number of reliable suspicious transaction reports submitted by notaries and lawyers involved in the project;
  2. Strengthened preventive approach against ML/FT;
  3. Reduced information asymmetry between legal professions and enforcement authorities;
  4. Improved AML/CFT effectiveness due to the role of legal professions;
  5. Improved mutual trust among legal professionals of different nationalities.
The LIGHT project started in December 2020 and will end in November 2022
(total duration 2 years)