Where We Are now

After almost seven months and several calls among the project partners, after organising four national focus groups and assessing the implementation of EU law on AML/CFT at national level, the training phase is slowly approaching. Indeed, we will hold the online training in December 2021, while face-to-face seminars – hopefully – will take place from January 2022 onwards. The countries involved in the project are Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria and Spain.

In the current preparatory phase, the work of the consortium is led by Consejo General del Notariado, the General Council of Spanish Notaries. The efforts are now focused on developing the methodology and the educational material for both e-Learning and seminars, which is going to be ready by the end of the summer. At the same time, trainers with different background and experience are being selected and will soon be trained in order to make sure they are aligned with the project scope and objectives. Indeed, a training of trainers is expected to take place in early September, coordinated by UINL AML expert Ms. Silvina Capello.

Future seminars will have a transnational nature, in order to bring together lawyers and notaries from different Member States and let them share common values and experiences. Each will address a different topic, so it is not excluded that one professional may take part in more than one training. The first seminar is expected to take place in Rome in January 2022, the second one in March 2022 in Brussels, the third one in Sofia in May 2022 and the fourth and final one in Madrid in June 2022.