LIGHT Training Continues in Brussels

On 28th and 29th April, LIGHT beneficiary Ceplis had the pleasure to welcome legal professionals from all over Europe to the second seminar of the project. Throughout this seminar, the trainers, Ms. Maufort and Mr. Fernandez-Bertier, shared their knowledge on the EU and Financial Action Task Force (FATF) risk assessment. Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian and Belgian lawyers and notaries made up an attentive audience.

Ms. Raluca Pruna, Head of Unit D2 on financial crime of DG FISMA of the European Commission, presented the work of the EU regarding AML/FT. Then, the role of the European Economic and Social Committee was addressed by the Vice-President of Ceplis, Mr. Benjamin Rizzo, President of the Maltese Federation of the Liberal Professions, EESC member, and Group III co-rapporteur of the Committee Opinion on the AML legislative package.

Afterwards, the participants had the opportunity to listen to presentations given by Mr. Kris Meskens, Secretary General of the Financial Intelligence Protection Unit, and by Judge Michel Claise, examining Magistrate specialized in the fight against white-collar crimes.

The fight against ML and FT is crucial for the European Union. Risks of money laundering and the financing of terrorism remain a major concern for the integrity of the Union’s financial system and the security of its citizens. Ceplis thinks that helping the legal professions increase their competencies on the matter will contribute to make the EU a safer and more transparent space. Two additional seminars will follow: on 26th and 27th May in Sofia, and on 22nd and 23rd May in Madrid.